Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm

 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
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 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
 Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
Built-in gypsum diffuser KVADRO Ø125 mm
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Frameless built-in diffusers of the design series. Stylish and thoughtful to the smallest detail. Made of high quality gypsum.

ERGOVENT - This is "the latest fashion craze!" This is a great solution to differ from conventional frame air diffusers. Not only do they perform the functions of a diffuser perfectly, but at the same time they also serve as a stylish ceiling detail, giving the home a modern and aesthetic look!



Specialists choose ERGOVENT due to its convincing technical parameters, clear and fast installation! End customers enjoy flawless appearance, quiet operation, safe operation and easy care!

Reliable holders

The cap is held firmly by reliable magnetic holders, not screw heads

Built-in silencers

New Rondos have built-in airflow regulators/noise attenuators

Easy installation

Easy and convenient installation. Suitable for 1 or 2 layers of plaster


Works extremely quietly

Thanks to the aerodynamic improvements, the diffuser has less eddies and less resistance

Color integrity

The diffuser can be painted with ceiling paint. The ceiling will look perfect, no matter what color you choose

No connections visible

The plaster body fits perfectly to the ceiling, no joints are visible


ERGOVENT gypsum body is durable and seamless. The fastening elements are poured into the housing, nothing is drilled and nothing is glued to it. During the casting of diffusers, the smallest air bubbles are removed, the surface of the plaster is as smooth and white as snow.


The central cover is heavy and not all manufacturers have been able to properly secure it. In the ERGOVENT diffuser, this cover is held by magnetic holders, not screw heads that stick to the magnets. The entire surface of the magnets adheres to the magnetized stainless steel parts in the lid and holds it really reliably. As there are no magnets in the lid, there is no magnetic field that attracts dust.


The ERGOVENT gypsum diffuser is the only built-in diffuser that is easy to install even if the ceiling is already installed but needs to be connected to a rigid air duct. Can be mounted on a plasterboard ceiling, puttyed and completely painted with the same ceiling paint. Only an aesthetic ring-shaped opening for air flow will remain in the ceiling. The diffuser is fastened with self-tapping screws directly to the plasterboard. The fastening elements are adjustable and can be adjusted in one moment to one or two layers of plasterboard (if necessary, also to any non-standard thickness).

Diffusers are suitable for all types of connection. They can be added:

1) With diffuser box

2) directly on the air duct


During the design, KTU scientists came to the rescue to simulate the operation of the diffuser. Several geometric changes have been tried to achieve the best aerodynamic properties. Including a special "belly" inside the lid, which effectively reduces air vortices inside the diffuser. Resistance to airflow and noise levels are also significantly reduced.


Gypsum has not only antistatic (dust does not stick to it), but also acoustic properties. Some of the sounds that "hit" the gypsum surface are absorbed. The aerodynamic improvements of the ERGOVENT diffuser further reduce the resistance to air flow. In view of all the above, it is safe to say that this diffuser operates quieter than any metal diffuser. Simply put, the operation of the diffuser in a quiet room environment is not actually felt (unless, of course, additional noise is generated by the air duct system).


In diffusers mounted above the gypsum, the air flow is usually directed to the ceiling. Therefore, accumulations of dirt can often be seen around the ceiling. The air flow of the built-in diffuser is directed directly downwards and never touches the ceiling. The ceiling around the diffuser is always clean. Dirt is only possible inside the diffuser, which is an invisible area. You can perform maintenance by opening the cover.




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