Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH

Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
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Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
Adibiotic Humidifier HEPH
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HomEvap Humidifier HEPH

HomEvap Humidifier is a safe and energy efficient humidifier. The operation is based on a natural water evaporation process. The humidifier is equipped with a Legiosafe® water filter, which guarantees healthy and safe operation of the humidifier. The unit has a built-in additional air heater, which is connected only when the air temperature falls below the set one. It is connected directly to the water supply and installed on the outlet of the air handling unit or between the air ducts.

Operation prinsiple:
The humidifier must be installed in the air duct of the supply duct after the air handling unit. If the supply air humidity is lower than the one set in the controller, humidification is started. The air handling unit heats the incoming outdoor air, as a result of which the relative humidity decreases, the dry air enters the HomEvap, which, using the principle of water evaporation, raises the humidity to the value set in the controller. However, given the enthalpy line of the Molier diagram, the air cools down and air temperature compensation is required. Only when the air temperature drops below 17°C, the built-in electric PTC heater activates. In this case, the maximum wetting capacity is 3kg/h. The amount of water consumed is precisely controlled by economical water consumption software.
User safe:
Thanks to the patented, built-in LegionSafe water filter, there is no risk of Legionella bacteria growing. Before the water enters the humidifier matrix, it passes through a LegioSafe filter, which makes it completely safe for the occupants of the building. Only fresh water should be used. If there is no need to humidify the air, the matrix is ​​completely dry. The included SHC80 duct sensor measures the relative humidity and duct temperature after the humidifier. The sensor guarantees the best efficiency and safe operation to prevent condensation in the duct behind the humidifier.
The built-in electric PTC air heater has several protections:
1. Mechanical safety protection that ensures that the air heater does not consume more electricity after reaching a maximum temperature of 85°C.
2. Equipped with an additional temperature sensor that shuts off the air heater at too high temperature.


  • Legionella safe
  • Quiet
  • Operated fully automatically

The humidifier comes with:

  • Wireless wall controller
  • Humidity sensor
  • El. air heater
  • Legionella filter
  • Power cord with plug (1m)

Healthy indoor climate

Dry air not only causes ill health, but also has a negative effect on the health of the family as a whole. Shortness of breath, dry throat, dry nose and eyes, irritation and sleep disturbances are just some of the health problems caused by low humidity. Breathing too dry air on a daily basis also provokes the development of allergic reactions, asthma and other breathing problems. As bacteria and viruses travel more easily in dry air, the risk of respiratory infections increases when you stay in a dry air room. The humidity level in the room should be between 40% and 60% - this is optimal humidity level not only reduces the health problems caused by dry air, but also prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.

Comfortable indoor climate

Relative humidity and temperature have a significant effect on each other. The drier the air, the cooler it may appear as the skin dries. If the RH is at a pleasant level, you will feel more comfortable and the air temperature can be set lower. Not only people suffer from dry air, but also furniture and house constructions. At low humidity, the wood dries, creating cracks in the furniture, floor, stairs or columns. Musical instruments, paintings and books are not spared by dry air either - they lose their shape and tuning, crack, paintings and books become more fragile. Improve the comfort of your home with an efficient humidifier!

Mounting scheme:


Size (LxWxH): 258 x 344 x 335 mm
Wetting capacity: 0 - 4 l
Power consumption:  20 VA (with active Electric heater 900 VA)
MAX water consumption: 5 l / h
Water supply connection: 3/4 internal thread with connection 4 mm
Water drainage connection: 15 mm hoses with sleeve 50 cm
MAX air flow: 600 m3 / h
Duct connection diameter: Ø200 mm


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