Stainless steel diffuser box 3 x Ø75 mm / 90° angle

Stainless steel diffuser box 3 x Ø75 mm / 90° angle
Stainless steel diffuser box 3 x Ø75 mm / 90° angle
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The diffuser box PE-FLEX ® is made of stainless steel equipped with polypropylene air tube attachments. The boxes are intended for Ø75 mm air ducts. To make the system more comfortable, they are offered in two versions - straight flow and 90° angle.

Stainless steel boxes have polypropylene connections. The connections have pre - installed seals, which significantly speed up the installation and guarantee the tightness of the connections. It is not necessary to install a special seal on the ventilation duct as it is from other manufacturers. Insert the PE-FLEX® ventilation duct into the connection inlet until you hear "CLICK"! The connection has been successful and no further action is required.

The diffuser grille is attached to the box using the four screws that come with the grille. 


Unused polypropylene outlets must be closed with caps of appropriate diameter.

The product have a certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene


Technical data:

Size (length x width x height): 495 x 145 x 90 mm + Polypropylene air canals attachment output and attachment ear
Material: Stainless steel


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